Getting to know you and your business

To design your site, we begin with a blank canvas and engage you in a process where we listen intensely.  We want to know what your vision is and how we can help you achieve those goals.  We want to thoroughly understand your organization as well as your unique niche in a complex world where every product or service clamors for attention.  We talk to your important stakeholders to create buy-in and to harvest their ideas.  Getting to know you and your organization enables us to develop an appropriate theme and tone that will lend cohesiveness and accuracy to your website.


We do not like surprises.  We strive to have no unhappy surprises on all of our projects.  During the design phase, we keep you up to speed on our progress with periodic checkpoints.  You will have full access to the development environment and we encourage you to provide feedback as the site evolves, so that you are never surprised by the design and direction.

Training and Support

But it doesn’t end at deployment.  We provide training for you and your staff to be able to update your new site as needed.  We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services, so you can focus on growing your business instead of maintaining your site.